America’s Best National Parks !

Say what you want about America, but you can’t deny that there are some amazing sights to be seen in the USA. From early on in this country’s history, the Government has made an effort to preserve and protect certain areas of the country. Many of these areas became national parks, which are protected from logging, hunting, and commercial development. The land is technically owned by the Government, but it is owned by the people in a way. There are 58 national parks in the US, and another 333 areas protected by similar laws (including memorials, recreation areas, monuments, etc.) With so many parks, it can be difficult to name the “best” ones. After much research and consideration, we are pleased to bring you a list of Americas Best National Parks (in our opinion!)


Yellowstone is one of the more popular parks, with millions of visitors each year. Established in 1872, Yellowstone was the first area to become an official national park. This absolutely massive piece of land spans through 3 different states – Montana, Wyoming, and Idaho. The sheer size of this park is mind-boggling. According to the National Park Service, Yellowstone encompasses 3,472 square miles, or a whopping 2.2+ MILLION acres. The park is so huge, in fact, that its area is larger than Delaware and Rhode Island – COMBINED. Yellowstone boasts lush forests, clean lakes, various hot springs and geysers, and more than 60 species of wild mammals. With so much to see, you could easily spend months exploring Yellowstone without seeing the same thing twice!

Bryce Canyon

Bryce Canyon, located in Utah, is known for its bizarre and beautiful rock formations. Known as “hoodoos”, these rock formations are truly unique to this area. Formed over thousands of years by erosion and rainwater, these spires and odd formations are truly a sight to be seen. Due to the rough and potentially dangerous terrain, this park is not great for hiking, although there is a beautiful, 38-mile scenic drive you can take to explore the park and see the sights from high up. Bryce Canyon is also known for its striking night’s sky, which is highlighted by the lack of artificial light in the area.

Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon is the definition of a household name. Just about every American, and likely most educated people from all over the world, have heard of the Grand Canyon. “Grand” doesn’t begin to describe this park. More than 5 million visitors come annually to marvel at the vastness of the canyon and the surrounding views. Grand Canyon National Parks offers sightseeing tours, rafting trips, hiking, and much more!

Hawaii Volcanoes

Seeing real lava flowing is one of the most amazing things you can see in this world. Unfortunately, in most situations it might be the last thing you see. That is, unless you visit Hawaii Volcanoes National Park on The Big Island! This park displays proudly two of the world’s most active volcanoes, one of which is the Kilauea volcano which has been erupting almost constantly ever since 1983. Visitors to this park are granted the rare opportunity of seeing the awesome power of the earth first hand and up close!


Yosemite is another national park that has become somewhat of a household name. This 1,200 square mile park is home to countless waterfalls and rivers, making it a popular sightseeing destination. The park is also home to the Sierra Redwoods, which provide a beautiful hiking environment. The only reason that Yosemite was not ranked higher on this list is because it is often very crowded. During the peak season, there are so many people visiting Yosemite that you have to hike miles just to escape the crowds. In the off season, however, the park is much more secluded and quiet.