5 Cheap Travel Destinations

Traveling the world can get quite expensive if you don’t plan it right, but sometimes financial restraints hold people back from traveling the world and living their dreams. But, don’t fret – there are a number of destinations that are beautiful, interesting, and rich in culture that are also cheap to travel to. Airfare will still be a significant cost, but once you are there, you will be able to live and travel very affordably. See our other article – “Cheap Travel Destinations – What You Need to Know” for more details. Below, you will find the top 5 cheap travel destinations that we think you will love, and your wallet won’t hate!

1. Thailand

Thailand is a beautiful, lush, warm place with vibrant colors, amazing wildlife, and a rich culture. It is also one of the poorest economies in the world, which is good news for travelers. In Thailand, you can find nice hostel rooms or hotel rooms for $5-$25 per night, and a good meal will set you back just $2-$5 generally. Many foreigners visit Thailand and decide to retire there, simply because they love it, and they are able to live extremely comfortably on $500-$1000 per month.

2. Mexico

Mexico has been a popular travel destination for over a hundred years. Its sunny weather and beautiful beaches draw in millions of tourists each year. However, Mexico has seen a decrease in tourism dollars in the last few years, which has forced many resorts, hotels, travel guides, etc. to lower their prices. Many areas of Mexico have always been cheap, but today, even popular destinations in the country are lowering their prices. Now is the time to travel to Mexico!

3. Myanmar (Burma)

Myanmar recently opened its doors to outsiders and tourists, after removing a despotic leader from power. Because it just recently opened its borders, there are very few, if any, foreign corporations operating within Myanmar. So, if you’re looking for a truly unique cultural experience, now might be the time to travel to Myanmar, before they have the time to develop a real tourism industry and increase prices across the board. One word of advice – make sure to bring lots of paper money. Currently, very few places in Myanmar accept anything but cold hard cash.

4. Egypt

If you follow the news, you surely have heard about the civil unrest in Egypt. Whenever a country experiences unrest, rebellion, or violence, tourism dollars flowing into that country shrink drastically. This very process is currently happening to Egypt, which makes it a very good time to travel there. Travel experts insist that popular tourism destinations, such as Sharm El Sheik are perfectly safe, but many tourists are scared away by the reports of violence in the country.

5. Greece

Just like Egypt, Greece is experiencing some rough times right now, to say the least. Because of the civil unrest in Greece, coupled with the weak performance of the Euro, traveling to Greece has never been cheaper. And since many tourists are avoiding the country currently, for a variety of reasons, even popular destinations should be relatively free of fellow tourists, so you’ll have the opportunity to experience the real Greece.